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  • Legend of the Cookie – Review

    Legend of the Cookie – Review

    “Legend of the Cookie” is a free-to-play platformer which consists of levels made by other players. ...

  • Steam Marines – Review (Alpha)

    Steam Marines – Review (Alpha)

    The ship is under attack. Civilians and Personnel have been evacuated. The squad is ready to engage....

  • Thomas Was Alone – Review

    Thomas Was Alone – Review

    Thomas finds himself alone.  Slowly trying to find out who he is and what his purpose in this strang...

  • McPixel – Review

    McPixel – Review

    A common problem amongst game developers is their unwillingness to take risks;  creating a game is n...

  • Angvik – Review

    Angvik – Review

    When I delved into Angvik I expected side scrolling, platforming, and fantasy RPG-style fun.  While ...

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